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64 years young. Born in England. Christian but on the Buddhist Path. I lead the most incredible life since handing my life over to God - completely. My sole purpose in life is to help as many people as I possibly can, where ever I come across them, in what ever country, I am totally in the hands of our Lord, and go where he directs me. I assist people of the world in whatever way they need help. Through the Lord, I am hopefully able to teach them ways in which to be self sufficient, leading joyful, fulfilling lives full of love and happiness, just as I do, praise to the Lord God - what ever name you give him - for there is only ONE GOD, with possibly 100 different names, depending upon your religeon. In doing so, we will achieve World Peace at last. A World where everyone is blessed and happy and contented. Where everyone loves and helps one another. A World free of sickness, wars, cruelty. Where no-one will ever need to feel unhappy, unloved and lonely.
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    Help lock up this piece of BLACKTRASH if you care anything about your fellow man!!!!

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