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Help lock up this piece of BLACKTRASH if you care anything about your fellow man!!!!



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I had the misfortune to meet this man a year ago, here in Penang.

He was in the office of the Malaysian Buddhist Centre, on Burma Road, Penang, the night I registered for night classes.

He saw my date of birth, and a few days later, appeared to talk to me, lied about his age, claimed he was 54, when in actual fact, at the time he was 46!!

He told me his life story, which there is always ‘some truth’ to his stories. He married a white American woman in his twenties,after she became pregnant. Once their daughter was born, his wife would leave the child,Josephine, with him whilst she went gambling and drinking. He paid of their house playing keyboard for the Bronx Tabernacle Choir. His wife never worked.

When the daughter was 10, the wife successfully got a divorce and he lost everything. He claims that is when God came to him, as he was contemplating suicide.

He claimed he then joined a ‘Freedom ship” travelling the world for 10 years, where he studied Divinity, became the youngest and only Black Reverend.

He claimed he travels the world, raising donations of goods, which he sends back to Liberia, by container, the sale of which pays for the upkeep of his orphanage in Monrovia for 800 children. He then up-graded himself to a Bishop.

He continued to pursue me, gave me his phone number. Claimed he would be gone by the end of March. I forgot about him, until at night class, early April, he turned up again!!! He was living at the centre, and saw me arrive each time.

He finally convinced me that God meant for us to meet, talked me into starting a relationship with him, eventually into marrying him.

It is his dream to start up a “Lazerus Praise Band” in Manila to start with. I was to manage that, whilst he increased his Praise Ministry in Bangkok, returning to Manila at weekends.

We left Penang together, stayed at his house in Bangkok for a month or so and then were to travel to Liberia, return to Bangkok, and then onto Manila to start the Band.

From the time we arrived in Bangkok, I was supporting him, as he claimed the travel money, sent by his Ministry, to his sister, Mayme Kollie, in the US had not been passed on to him, and therefore he had no money.

He left me in a Guest House in Hatyai, whilst he travelled alone to Africa to release the container. I ended up having to return to Penang, no money, where I at least had a room I had paid rent on for a few months in advance.

I was convinced some harm had come to him, contacted all sorts of people to help me find him. He eventually rang me, and claimed because he was 3 months late in arriving in Togo to release the container, they had confiscated it.

He then turns up in South Korea, and lists himself as a director of some French company. whose office he was operating from.

All the while asking me to send him money for various needs.

I estimate I sent him (different currencies) a total of 50,000 MR, I gave him my laptop also.

Because I was sending him money as quickly as I received it, and not making my mortgage payments or credit card payments (which he was using) the bank repossessed my properties and have sold them.

They were officially valued at slightly under $1million. I had a gross income of $2000 per week.

As a self funded, 64 year old charity worker around the world, it is very disappointing, however, there is no point in “crying over spilt milk” and I have totally accepted the situation.

Fortunately I am now entitled to an Aged pension, which I will receive as soon as I get back to Australia and arrange it all, it commences on the 30th March.

I will then return to my beloved Penang, and be able to continue with my work around Asia. I don’t need much to live on here. I couldn’t afford to live in Australia as a non home-owner, on the pension without great difficulty.

Luckily I prefer Asia.

I learnt a lesson the very hard way…..I am now suspicious of all Africans’ in particular, and will never believe another ‘sob story’, without a full investigation.

I am in contact with a number of people this man has conned, from all over the World, mostly women, of all faiths, but also men in fake business deals, as well as churches and Council of Churches, both here and in Africa.

It was through A minister here, where Blacktrash had sent me to ask for a loan from him too, that i discovered what a wicked man he is. Father Thomas told me of his experiences and financial losses over the 10 years he had known this man.

He is still promising to pay me back a little of the money – up until yesterday, but of course doesn’t.

His brother Vinnie Hodges, admits his brother is a con-man and tried to warn me, but I defended Leeland, as he had described what a bad, crooked politician he was!!!

I intend to work and fight until this man is arrested and jailed, I will see his brother sacked also, as he did nothing to protect the public from this evil person.

According to his brother he has several wives, there is a photo of him somewhere on one of his sites with a whole lot of children – I would say they are all his. (6 or so).

The US Government has him ‘flagged’ as highly questionable, and have a long list of ‘dubious activities and women that are associated with him. that is why he operates only in Asia now.

He officially declares to the US that he is married with 2 children.

He actually has a legal wife in Bangkok and two daughters aged about 4 and 8 or somewhere around there.

He claimed this woman, was abandoned by her African husband and would come to manila with us!!!.

We were to have a simple African wedding in Liberia (not in a church though!!!) before returning to Bangkok.

In other words, I would not have been married at all legally, but his legal wife and daughters, would be staying with us in Manila!!!

We intended to apply for a passport from Australia for Leeland, so travel would be made much easier, as it is difficult in Asia because of their general mistrust of Africans!!!!

I believe he has a number of false passports, as he is going in and out of Thailand successfully, without being apprehended, despite me giving them all the details.

There is also an arrest warrant out for him if he should return to Malaysia.

I am not seeking sympathy, all I want to do is have him brought to justice and punished, I wish to warn everyone, this man is extremely good at what he does.

He has a number of income streams that we know of, from pimping and pornographic movies, to money laundering, he gets a percentage of all goods shipped to Liberia from Thailand, through the new Consul General to Liberia, that he organised, through donations for his Ministry, etc.

I have a petition on the petition site, for any victims to leave their names on.

I am in contact with the US Internal Affairs Dept. where i will give evidence against him, once he is caught.

If anyone can supply further information, which would assist in this, I would be most grateful.

I live with the Chinese Community here and in Australia, they are extremely protective of me, very eager to seek revenge on my behalf, but I would rather see him jailed, where he will suffer lack of freedom, have to fight off other inmates, who will want a ‘piece of his bum’, where he can deliberate on his wickedness, see his children put in care, his wives starve (Just as I have been starved). That to me, would be more just than a quick beating up, or even a long and tortuous death.

Karma will get him, one way or another, sooner or later. I fervently believe that.

Blessing to you all,

Irene Newcombe

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